Celebrating 75 Years




Shree Patel Raas Mandli - Lok Kala Trust, latipur has been promoting the cause of social welfare and cultural activities. Its origin is from a small village called Latipur in Jamnagar district of Gujarat-India. Its prime objectives are :

  • To perform traditional folk dances and music of Gujarat in major events in India and abroad.
  • To make endeavors for cultural upliftment of society by way of imparting training in folk dances and folk music to the rural youth of the region and organizing camps - seminars to cultivate interest among them.
  • To work for economic upliftment of society by way of encouraging rural people to do handicrafts and create useful items.
  • To work for social upliftment of society by way of spreading awareness among rural people. To eliminate superstitions and evils from the illiterate classes of the society, organize programmes like 'Beware of miracles' in collaboration of Jan Vigyan Jaatha.
  • To cultivate spirit of leadership, adventure and brotherhood among the youth and to make them physically, intellectually and mentally strong and do their character building. Also help government by organizing or co-operating with it in organizing camps like 'Youth Leadership Training Camp', 'Yogasana Training Camp', 'Adventure Trips On Feet', 'Know Your Boundaries', and 'Folk Dance Training Camp' etc.
  • For conservation of environment at rural level, help organize seminars motivating farmers for nature-friendly organic farming free from deadly pesticides and chemical fertilizers & tree plantation.
  • To bring awareness about good health with 'Village Cleanliness' and to rise the ground water with 'Well & Bore Recharge Campaign' by folk dance programmes.
  • To organize free medical camps for treatment of poor people. To serve people of remote rural areas through diagnosis and treatment camps for various diseases & blood donation camps where medical treatment is not available.
  • For spread and publicity of government campaigns like 'Nirmal Gram' (Clean Village), 'Literacy Campaign', 'Maha Rojgar Abhiyan', 'Agro fairs', organize cultural programmes and simultaneously extend financial support also to them.
  • For convenience of rural people help for ambulance, help for water purifiers for pure drinking water, to avoid uncleanliness and epidemics from getting spread, financially help Village Panchayats for construction of public toilets. Financially help bright but poor students so that their education does not stop for want of money and poor patients do not loose their lives for want of money to buy medicines.
  • To organize seminars and establish self-help groups so that people of financially weaker sections understand the importance of small savings and cultivate the attitude towards savings.